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"As a Realtor, I often use Lancaster Plumbing and Heating for all of my plumbing needs. I have called on them many times for relocation properties. When I take over a property, I take over the utility costs as well. It's up to me to winterize them and to de-winterize them too. I call up Lancaster to drain all the water and to make sure the pipes won't freeze and break. They always do a great job!

I think what keeps me calling them back is their service. They are reliable, quick to respond and professional. Working in the service industry myself, something that never fails to drive me crazy is when people say "that's not my job!" and end it there! I'm sure there are things I have asked them to do that technically wasn't their job, but they have taken it upon themselves to do it anyway or they'll find answers for me. To me, that's really going above and beyond for their customers and I appreciate at that so much, because that's how I work too."

-Pam R., East Petersburg, PA


"Thank you for the great job that your company did on the bathroom. The change was much greater than expected. I can't believe how much better the bathroom looks. Aaron did a great job, and was pleasant to have around the house. After dealing with our last contractor, it was a welcome change. The attention to detail that you brought to the table is quite evident in the work. I also now realize that the person that coordinates the work needs to have good taste and judgment to get the final product to look right. Thanks for all of your personal effort and time. Now if you could just start a general contracting company, my search would be over!"

-Jim S., Lancaster, PA


"Thank you for everything you do to make sure our home is safe and comfortable!"

-Megan G., Lancaster, PA


"My first experience with this company has been favorable and I would not hesitate to recommend them. Kevin seemed to know where to start to resolve our water pressure problem and was right. I appreciated his expertise to check the faucets, which needed new aeroraters, and also did test samples of the water. He worked quickly but efficiently, and he was thorough. Excellent customer service."

-Victoria D., Lancaster, PA


"Jake provided great, very thorough, and professional service in troubleshooting our furnace problems today. Since starting our Bryant gas furnace this heating season, I have noticed an inconsistency in the ignition of the burner. It would often take multiple tries for the burner to ignite. This morning it did not ignite after the three trials and locked out. Jake was sent to trouble shoot the problem. He was very thorough in his analysis. I expected the igniter unit, but Jake wasn't satisfied that was the real problem...he said if they fail they fail totally and would not work at all. His continued efforts to correct the situation resulted in not needing to replace the igniter, but to increase the gas pressure slightly suspecting not enough gas available to fill all sections of the burner. He also instructed me how to use the code indicator in case of future problems so that I can provide this info when I request service again. Jake is a very personable, friendly and patient young man. He conducts himself in a professional way. Your company installed this gas furnace in April 2005, and I have been completely satisfied with the operation and performance."

-Lee M., East Petersburg, PA


"Thank you so much for your help on Thursday in getting heat again in my house! I am so impressed that you had your technician, Doug, to my place about 1 1/2 hours after I called you. He did a great job and explained the issue we had with our heater, and was able to fix it the same day. I came home to a warm house! Plus, I signed up with your service plan which I think is a great program!"

-Michelle L., Lancaster, PA


"This guy from Lancaster Plumbing was great! I think it was Al, and he was super! I absolutely would recommend him. Everything he did was great, he was clean, he was neat, and he explained everything he did. I've been in the construction business for 40 years, and this guy was top-notch. I've been singing his praises ever since my brother referenced them. I used Lancaster Plumbing for their high pressure hose injection, an it worked perfectly. It was great, and Al's attitude was unbelievable out on the job site. He was just a super guy!"

-Kenneth R., Lancaster, PA


"Lancaster Plumbing and Heating have always been excellent. I have highly recommended their services to others. One of the times they had to come out in an emergency was when another plumbing company was working up the street at an apartment complex and they were trying to clear out the backed up sewer line. When they flushed it out, it came right into our house and started flooding our entire rec room! I immediately called Lancaster and whoever I spoke to said she'd call somebody out right away for me. He arrived within a few minutes and the technician was excellent. He got it stopped and was extremely helpful. HAZMAT had to come out and they had to rip up everything. Eventually, everything is all better and has finally been cleaned up! I don't know what I would have done without Lancaster's help!"

-Dorothy A., Lancaster, PA


"Lancaster Plumbing and Heating shows up when they say they're going to show up. They do quality work, and I've never had to have them back for something they did, so they're good. They are a good value for the money."

-Steve M., Manheim, PA

"Lancaster Plumbing and Heating has been coming and checking on my system, and they are excellent. I have a comparatively large house, with three full baths and a washer and dryer. If I have a problem or any leakage they catch it, and because of them I haven't had any serious problems."

-Dorothy S., Lancaster, PA


"Well I first met Lancaster Plumbing and Heating at an expo center. They were easy to communicate with, business-like, and very friendly. They had a contest, and I won a whole house humidifier! They were extremely easy to talk with and the customer service is right up at the top notch!"

-Cindy G., Lancaster, PA

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