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All About Lancaster Sump Pumps Battery Backups

Installing a Lancaster sump pump backup battery in your basement is a great idea because it will keep your basement from suffering damages. Note that electricity is not one hundred percent reliable because power can fail due to storms. You can therefore find that your basement has flooded at a time when you least expected and to prevent this from happening, you need a backup battery pump system.

Sump Pumps

Such a unit usually comes with an alarm that sounds if the level of water is too high. If your basement is finished off with hardwood floors or carpeting, you need this system for many reasons. It will give you peace of mind that your home is safe even while you are away on vacation. Sump pumps are installed at the lowest part of a basement and they pump out water that has entered the area before it begins flooding the floor of the basement.

A sump pump backup battery system usually works together with a sump pit, which is a hole in the ground that holds water. The system will offer you peace of mind knowing that your home is sufficiently protected even when you are far away. A backup battery pump system is designed to kick in if the main sump pump fails. The most common reasons for failure are power outage and being overwhelmed by water.

Sump Pump Backup Battery

These systems are very affordable, easy to install and maintain. For this reason, there is no excuse for homeowners not to install one. You can install the system on your own using simple hand tools in under two hours.

A sump pump backup battery system usually comes with gel-pack technology, which allows special batteries to supply your pump with huge amounts of power. This allows the backup sump pump to operate for days at a time or for the length of time needed. Unlike primary sump pumps which are usually designed to monitor water levels only, backup systems are designed to monitor water levels and whether the primary pump is functioning or not before turning on automatically and starting to pump water out of your basement.

You will benefit the most from installing a sump pump backup battery if you are frequently required to leave your home for extended amounts of time. Imagine a situation where you have been away from your home for a long time only to come and find that your entire home is flooded over. It can be hazardous to reactivate your pump at such a stage especially if your pump is not designed to work while submerged.

Save Money

The only drawback to installing a Lancaster sump pump battery backup system is the amount of money that you have to pay for a spare pump. Even though the pump is not that expensive, you need to purchase special battery packs that will allow the pump to continue running during storms. Nonetheless, the amount of money that you will spend on the system is much lower than the money you would spend if everything in your basement gets damaged by water.

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