How To Prevent A Plumbing Disaster this Thanksgiving

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How To Prevent A Plumbing Disaster this Thanksgiving

No one wants to deal with a plumbing disaster on Thanksgiving. However, if you are not careful with your plumbing system, that is what can happen. Below are some tips that will help you avoid a plumbing disaster this holiday.

Garbage Disposal

  • Turn on the garbage disposal when you put food into it.
  • Fats and cooking oils can clog your garbage disposal. To prevent a clog, do not pour these liquids into the garbage disposal.
  • In addition to fats and cooking oils, stringy and starchy foods can also cause a clog. Never put celery, poultry skins, fruit and potato peels in the garbage disposal.

Around the House

  • Have any plumbing problems taken care of prior to the holiday.
  • If you are having guests stay at your home this Thanksgiving, wait a few minutes in between showers.
  • Never flush cotton balls, cotton swabs, or wipes down the toilet. They are not biodegradable and could clog your toilet.

If you do encounter a plumbing issue on Thanksgiving, put down the rented snake and step away from the liquid drain cleaner. Instead, turn to the professional plumbers at LPH Service. Call 717-207-8198 to schedule service.

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