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Month: December 2015


Why Does the Pilot Light Extinguish?

Gas powered appliances, such as furnaces, will utilize a pilot light that always remains lit. If it is not lit then the appliance will not be able to do its job, like heating your home. Pilot lights may lose their flames from time to time and it’s important to know why they go out. Moisture […]

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How to Determine What is Flushable

Just because something can physically be flushed down the toilet doesn’t mean that it should be. There are many items that you can flush that can damage your home’s plumbing. Some of these items should clearly stay out of the toilet, but there are some that are misconceived as flushable. Damage Flushing things that aren’t […]

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How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation

Remodeling a bathroom can give your home a breath of fresh air. Before any work is started you should have a plan drawn out to allow for a smooth renovation. Take into account the amount of space, functionality of the final product, and the desired look you would like to see. To help you with […]

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What is an Overloaded Circuit?

You're in the bathroom after a shower and it's time to get ready for the day. The lights are on, your phone charger is plugged in, you're blow drying your hair, and someone in the next room turns on the iron. All of a sudden nothing works because the power just went out. This is […]

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