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How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation

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Remodeling a bathroom can give your home a breath of fresh air. Before
any work is started you should have a plan drawn out to allow for a smooth
renovation. Take into account the amount of space, functionality of the
final product, and the desired look you would like to see. To help you
with your renovation, take into account some of these

  1. Multiple Users – Always take the time to think about how many people will be using
    this bathroom. If it will be used by multiple people then consider installing
    more cabinets, drawers, and even sinks. Make sure the space is practical
    before worrying about how it looks.
  2. Storage – Can you store all of the towels, toilet paper, and other toiletries
    in a hallway closet, or will it be stored in the bathroom? If they will
    be stored in the bathroom then think about adding in an additional closet,
    rack, or cabinet.
  3. Using Space Wisely – Some bathrooms have limited space so it can be hard to fit everything
    in one room. By overlapping some spaces you can make everything fit easier.
    The floor in front of the sink or shower can also be the same floor that
    is in front of the toilet.
  4. Make It Bigger – You can make your bathroom appear bigger without actually doing
    so. Instead of installing a normal shower door, consider getting a doorless
    shower so the room will feel less cramped. Pedestal sinks are also a great
    space saver if you feel that a cabinet sink will be too bulky
  5. Let It Be – Adding a little Feng Shui to the bathroom by changing the layout
    can be tempting. However, moving the toilet and shower around can prove
    to be costly. Moving these fixtures and their plumbing from their current
    locations can double the cost of the entire renovation.

Bathroom renovations can invigorate your home and even increase the value
of it. During a remodeling project be sure to update your plumbing or
make any necessary repairs. Having your bathroom look good is important,
but its functionality is the most important aspect. For all of your plumbing
and remodeling needs you can call on the pros at
LPH Service. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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