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Why Does the Pilot Light Extinguish?

Gas powered appliances, such as furnaces, will utilize a pilot light that always remains lit. If it is not lit then the appliance will not be able to do its job, like heating your home. Pilot lights may lose their flames from time to time and it’s important to know why they go out.

  • Moisture – Depending on the conditions in your home, condensation can build up on certain appliances and fixtures. If there is too much moisture then there’s the possibility of it collecting into water droplets. A single drop of water is all it takes for this flame to go out.
  • Drafts – If there is an unnecessary draft near the pilot light then it has the chance of blowing out. Seal any cracks or holes in the wall to avoid any outside air from entering the room where the gas appliance is. While it does need to stay ventilated, slight drafts are all it takes for the pilot to go out.
  • Shut-Off – Newer appliances, like furnaces, have safety features that will shut down the appliance when it experiences issues with certain parts. If the pilot light is damaged then the entire furnace can shut down. Look to a professional to help with replacement of this delicate piece.
  • Lemon – The pilot light does not have to be damaged for it to go out — the appliance itself can be the culprit. If there are any malfunctioning, damaged, or broken pieces of an appliance then it could prevent the pilot light from staying lit. There are many working parts when it comes to gas appliances so it may be best to hire an expert to diagnose the problem.

Without the pilot light, gas appliances will not be able to operate. Always make sure the flame is constant in its color, size, and strength. If the flame is not constant, or is not lit at all, then it should be repaired or replaced. The experts at LPH Service will be more than happy to fix any of your gas appliances that are not performing to their full capabilities. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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