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How To Prevent Electrical Problems

When it comes to your electrical system, safety should come first. After all, your electrical system can be dangerous if it is mishandled. Below are some important tips that will help you avoid electrical problems in your home.
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  • Check your electrical cords. Never use an electrical cord that is damaged, frayed or worn.
  • When you are done with an electrical appliance, do not rip the cord out of the wall.
  • Electrical cords should not be hidden from plain sight.
  • Do not run electrical cords underneath furniture, rugs or carpets.
  • Remember that water and electricity do not mix. Never touch an electrical outlet with wet hands.
  • Never overload your sockets. Doing so could leave you without power in those outlets.
  • Remind young children that they should never put an object or finger into an electrical outlet.
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