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​Tips for Winterizing Your Air Conditioner

Today is the first day of fall! Many homeowners are now in the process of shutting their air conditioners down for the season. Below are steps on how to winterize your air conditioner.

1) Shut off the power to the air conditioner. Doing so will help you avoid electrocution when you are working with the unit. It will also prevent someone from turning on the air conditioner on in the winter.

2) Be sure to give your outdoor air conditioner a thorough cleaning. Wipe off any dust or debris that is sitting on your A/C unit. That way, your air conditioner will be debris free in the springtime.

3) Cover the air conditioning unit with a durable, weather resistant material. A/C covers are usually $15-$30.

4) Periodically check on your A/C unit during the winter. If it snows, be sure to remove the snow from your air conditioner.

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