Reasons Why the Circuit Breaker Box is Hot

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Reasons Why the Breaker Box is Hot

The breaker box in your home is the central hub for all of your home's circuits.

Not only does this circuit breaker allow you to turn circuits on and off,
but it will also prevent excessive amounts of electricity from building up.

When your breaker box starts to heat up, you may be in trouble.

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How It Works

Electricity runs through the wires that are installed throughout your home,
ultimately leading back to the circuit breaker. As the electricity is
being drawn into the wires it will meet some resistance.

This is what causes electronics and such to feel warm to the touch. When
the wires begin to overheat, the breaker box will trip that specific circuit,
shutting it down.


A circuit breaker should never overheat, but it does stay at a constant
warm temperature. It should feel just as warm as a running appliance or

If the breaker box burns when attempting to touch it, or it is emitting
a burning smell, something is wrong with the wiring or items connected
to the wiring.

What To Do

When your circuit breaker begins to overheat and you suspect that it may
begin to trip, shut the power off manually.

Do this by flipping the main switch to the off position, this will shut
off all of the circuits in your home. Using your cell phone,
call your local electrician to inspect and service your breaker box.

A little warmth is normal, but too much can cause some serious problems
for your home. When your home's breaker box begins to overheat and
trip, contact the expert technicians at
Lancaster PHCE.

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