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Water Heater Whistling? Here’s How To Fix It

Have you noticed that your water heater making a whistling noise? Appliances and fixtures will make noises during operation, but a high pitch whistling is not one of these normal noises. When your water heater tank is making this noise, we recommend that you call a plumbing professional to get it checked out, as it is something that can lead to costly repairs if it not immediately taken care of.

Reasons Your Water Heater Is Whistling

Fixing A Whistling Water Heater

1. TPR Valve

That whistling noise that is coming from your water heater may be because of your water heater’s Temperature Pressure Relief (TPR) valve. Your water heater’s TPR is a safety feature that works to release tank pressure at times that the water tank is getting too full to withhold. The valve releases to create a whistling sound, which could explain the whistling sound that you are hearing.

2. Damaged Water Heater Tank

Another reason that could explain what that whistling sound that is coming from your water heater is a damaged tank. Old or outdated water heaters often times have corrosion inside them. This leads to a water tank wall, and could potentially lead to cracks and leaks. It is important to call a plumbing professional to get this checked for you. Overlooked cracks can cause serious damage and costly repairs.

How To Fix A Whistling Water Heater

Whistling Water Heater

There are two common ways in which you can silence your whistling water heater.

Flush It

The main reason for a whining water heater is because of a buildup of sediment in the tank.

  1. Hook up a garden hose to the draincock on your water heater.

  2. Place the other end of the house outside, either by a sewer drain or in the street, to allow for a clean draining.

  3. Open the draincock and allow the tank to drain for roughly five minutes before placing the end of the hose in a bucket.

  4. Fill the bucket and check the water. If the water is clear then remove the hose and turn your water heater back on. If the water is cloudy and filled with sediment, keep repeating this process until the water is clear.

Replace the Anode Rod

Since electricity and water do not mix well, turn off the main breaker in your home while performing this maintenance. Once the power is off head over to the water heater and turn the pilot knob to the pilot position and make sure you water supply is turned off.

  1. Take out the original anode rod and replace it with a zinc alloy anode rod.

  2. Proceed to clean any scale from the heating element until it is completely clean.

An old anode rod, as well as a scale-covered heating element, will sometimes be the culprits in a whining water heater.

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Fixing a whistling water heater can be tricky. Contact the professionals at LPH Service for assistance, and we’ll get the problem fixed for you in no time. To learn more or to schedule a service, give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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