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Why Your Toilet is Bubbling

Each person will regularly go to the bathroom several times per day, making the toilet one of the most used appliance fixtures. During your many trips to the can, keep an ear out for any gurgling or bubbling noises. If you notice that your toilet is making these noises then you should act fast because ignoring this can worsen your plumbing problems.

Faulty Flappers
Open up the tank of the toilet and check the inner working parts to see if any of them are faulty or damaged. An improperly working flapper or ‘float and fill system’ can cause your toilet to constantly run or make bubbling noises. Replace any malfunctioning parts and make sure the water level is ½-inch below the overflow tube.

Derrière or Derri-Air?
Air can get in the lines of your toilet’s plumbing, which can cause sputtering or bubbling sounds. To remove the excess air from the lines, turn on all of the faucets in your home. Run the water until the sputtering noises have ceased. After turning all of the faucets off, if there is still a bubbling noise then you may want to call a plumber.

All Backed Up
Over time your tank and lines will hold onto a buildup of sediment materials, mostly from excess calcium and iron. This buildup can clog your lines, causing the gurgling noises in your toilet and other plumbing fixtures. Flush your tank and scrub the inside with a brush to clean it out; while also replacing any lines that have a reddish colored fur on the inside.

A bubbling toilet may seem harmless, but letting it go on for too long can cause you some serious plumbing problems. To avoid a catastrophe, contact the pros at LPH Service and they will correct any and all of your plumbing problems. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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