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Tips to Prevent Blown Light Bulbs

Do you have that one lamp or fixture that constantly needs a new light bulb? Quit allowing your light bulbs to blow out for the same reasons time and time again. Utilize these tips to prevent blown light bulbs in your home. LED & CFL Alternatives Years back, the most used light bulbs were the […]

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Spring Cleaning Tips Around the House

Spring has arrived and it's here to stay! Each year around this time is when many homeowners begin to do their yearly maintenance and cleaning around the house. Sometimes there can be so many things that need to get done, so here's a few reminders in case you forgot any! HVAC Filters – If you […]

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Why You Need an Outdoor Electrical Outlet

Walk around your home and see if you have any outdoor electrical outlets. If the answer is no then you are missing out on a world of opportunities. Even if you have one, installing multiple outlets will make life outside that much easier. Here are a few reasons on why you would need outdoor electrical […]

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Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Home

Having an excessive amount of dust in your home is one of the main contributing factors to poor air quality. Ridding your home of this dust can increase your indoor air quality dramatically. Here's how you can do just that: Dusting Normal methods of dusting can cause dust to recirculate into the air without actually […]

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How to Fix a Weak Flushing Toilet

A weak flushing toilet can be a person's worst nightmare because it can result in clogs occurring more often. There are a few reasons on why the flush can be lackluster. Luckily, here are a few ways to fix this problem. Low Water Level – The less water in the tank of the toilet, the […]

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