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DIY Electrical Safety Tips

DIY electrical repair can be quite a dangerous task. However, if it’s just a small repair or piece of maintenance you can take the repair job into your own hands. Before you start, it’s best to know a few electrical safety tips. Shut It Down – Before working on any outlets or electrical fixture, shut […]

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Advantages of a Ductless Cooling System

Not every home was built with a forced air HVAC system in mind. Therefore, many people are left without an efficient air conditioning unit in their home. If you're looking to efficiently cool your home while also cutting down on your monthly energy bills, look to ductless air conditioning as your solution. Installation – In […]

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What to Do During an Electrical Fire

Electrical fires result in more costly property damage than any other type of fire, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. When dealing with the most dangerous type of fire, it's best to know what do when one occurs. How Does One Start? The most common reasons for electrical fires are power surges and when […]

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Spring Cleaning in the Bathroom

So your bathroom's spring cleaning involves cleaning the toilet, shower, and floor — but you're not done yet! While the surfaces might be clean you should still take the time to throw away old, empty, and worn out items. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to liquidate your bathroom of its old rubbish! Bad Medicine […]

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