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DIY Electrical Safety Tips

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DIY electrical repair can be quite a dangerous task. However, if it’s just a small repair or piece of maintenance you can take the repair job into your own hands. Before you start, it’s best to know a few electrical safety tips.

  1. Shut It Down – Before working on any outlets or electrical fixture, shut off that particular circuit on the breaker box. If you’re still unsure about working out an outlet, shut off the entire house by flipping the main switch.
  2. Test It – The outlet or fixture that you’re working on should have no power going to it because of the switch that’s flipped off on the breaker. However, you can’t be too sure that there’s no electricity in the wires. Use a small pocket tester to show you if there’s any electricity still flowing through that specific outlet.
  3. Ladder Safety – Sometimes you need to work with electrical wires or fixtures that require you to be in the air. Do not use a normal ladder in case a live wire comes in contact with the metal from the ladder. Instead, purchase a fiberglass ladder that is not conductive.
  4. Tape the Breaker – Always place tape over the switch of that specific circuit that you’re working on. Doing this will let others, and remind yourself, that this circuit should not be turned back on. Turning a circuit back on while working can prove to be fatal or cause serious injury.
  5. Know Your Limits – Working on your home’s electrical system is extremely difficult and dangerous. Sure, there are some small things you could replace and work on yourself, but if you are inexperienced then you should rely on a professional electrician. It pays to be safe and have it done right the first time.

Being safe during an electrical repair is important so you don’t cause harm to your home’s electrical system, and more importantly — yourself. When you need a professional there’s no one better than the experts at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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