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The Different Types of Lighting in a Home

Throughout the house, there are going to be different rooms that serve as a place to do certain activities. Each of these rooms are going to need to be lit and in a way that allows the perfect amount of light. When deciding on new lighting fixtures in your home, keep these different types in […]

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7 Things to Keep Out of Your Drain

When you pour something down your drain, in the garbage disposal, or in the toilet it's out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, many items will remain inside of the drain leading to clogs that will damage your home's plumbing. Knowing what not to put down the drain could save you from spending money […]

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What Exactly is a Brownout?

Every summer, you hear the term "brownout" thrown around when it gets too hot out. You've heard of blackouts, but are brownouts something similar or different? Definition A brief interruption of power service where the electric power is either reduced or restricted. How it Compares Since a brownout only sees a reduction in power, all […]

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How to Stay Cool Using a Dehumidifier

The weather is really starting to warm up which means the A/C units are ready to be cranked up. Unfortunately, some spring and summer days are not only hot, but humid as well. In order to achieve the ultimate level of comfort in your home, utilize your A/C unit and a dehumidifier. Step 1: Begin […]

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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Everyone uses their bathroom multiple times per day for multiple reasons. For a room that you use this often, shouldn't you want it to be decorated to your liking? If remodeling isn't in your budget, look to these ways so you can spruce up your bathroom. Baskets – Why not add decoration that doubles as […]

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