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How to Stay Cool Using a Dehumidifier

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The weather is really starting to warm up which means the A/C units are
ready to be cranked up. Unfortunately, some spring and summer days are
not only hot, but humid as well. In order to achieve the ultimate level
of comfort in your home, utilize your A/C unit and a

Step 1: Begin by turning on your air conditioning unit so the room can be cooled
to a more comfortable temperature. If you're using a window unit then
don't set it at the lowest temperature possible because it will not
cool the room any faster. Start with a comfortable temperature and go
lower from there.

Step 2: Grab your dehumidifier and place it as close to the center of the room
as possible. For optimal results, close the room off from the rest of
the house so the unit can be more effective. Yes, you can leave the door
open to try and dehumidify multiple rooms at once, but it will need to
work harder and longer to do so.

Step 3: Try to only run the dehumidifier when you're not in the room. Sitting
in a room while this appliance is on can dry out your eyes, skin, hair,
etc. It's best to run the dehumidifier in your room when you're
not there, a few hours before you go to sleep

Step 4: Just like an air conditioning unit, a dehumidifier should have its filter
changed at least once per month. Change or wash the filter as needed and
be sure to keep an eye on the water level in its reservoir. Once the water
level is almost to the top, empty it out. Be sure to also watch out for
icing inside of the unit. When this happens you should give the unit a
break or increase the temperature of the room.

Hot and humid days are plentiful throughout the summer so it's best
to know how to stay comfortable. When a single room A/C unit and dehumidifier
doesn't do the trick, contact
Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. We'll tell you all about our whole house dehumidification systems.
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