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Bathroom Upgrades to Increase Value

Bathroom Upgrades

Are you thinking about selling your home and want to know how to get the
most amount of money for your house? Head into your bathrooms and unbiasedly
evaluate each one of them. More than likely you'll need to make a few
upgrades, and that's what this list will help you figure out.

  1. Double Trouble – The master bathroom is one of the most looked at rooms in the house, behind
    the kitchen. When a couple shares this bathroom in the mornings and evenings,
    having just one sink won't cut it anymore. Consider installing a double
    sink, as this will be admired by couples looking to move in.
  2. Colorful or Colorless – When upgrading the master bathroom, stick to a white or lighter neutral
    color for a simple and timeless look. It gives off a classic impression
    that reminds its users of the relaxing feeling that they might experience
    at a spa. However, you can opt to choose more eccentric and bold colors
    for the other bathrooms in your house.
  3. Bathing Styles – Master bathrooms should come equipped with a walk-in shower and separate
    bathtub; a freestanding tub if possible. For smaller bathrooms, like ones
    in apartments, upgrade the size of the showerhead for a bigger look. Walk-in
    showers are extremely popular, but know that if you take out your tub
    you could be turning off the potential buyers that have small children.
  4. New Thrones – Seeing a brand new toilet will make any potential buyer gush with joy.
    Replace your 20-something-year-old throne with a white, high-efficiency,
    comfort-height toilet. These bad boys have a simple look that allows for
    a comfortable sitting experience and will help lower the monthly water bill.

There are certain bathroom upgrades you can complete in order to increase
the value of your home. When you need a professional to help install new
fixtures and repair your plumbing, contact the plumbers at Lancaster Plumbing,
Heating, Cooling & Electrical. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment,
give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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