How to Save on Lighting Costs

How to Save on Lighting Costs

If you could save money on your monthly energy bills, would you? Of course you would, and here are a few tips you can utilize in order to do just that!

Free Light
For half of the day you have access to free natural light, why not take advantage of it? The first and most obvious way to add more light is to install larger windows on the side of the house where sunlight is plentiful. Within those rooms, paint the walls lighter colors and add mirrors as decor to reflect the light. Consider installing skylights in certain rooms of your home to open up the room just a bit more.

The Right Light
Choosing the right light bulb for the each room in your home is actually more important than you'd think. Try to only use incandescent bulbs in rooms where you instantly need light for short periods of time, like bathrooms. Otherwise try and avoid them due to their high energy costs and frequent replacement. Only use halogen bulbs when you want to give off a natural light, like in a work area or in a room that displays a piece of art. These bulbs will last twice as long as the average bulb, but they do cost a pretty penny.

Smart Lighting
Take out those incandescent lights and replace them with a smarter alternative: fluorescent. These bulbs last 15 times longer and only use a quarter of the energy that incandescent bulbs use. Place these light bulbs in areas that are more frequently used, like the kitchen and family room. Spending a little extra on your light bulbs now can save you a decent chunk of change in the future.

Saving on your lighting costs is even simpler than you would have ever imagined. The electrical wiring in your home can also cause utility bills to skyrocket so it's best to have it checked out. Contact the professionals at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical by calling (717) 207-9952 to service your home's electrical today.


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