What You Need to Know About Your AC

What You Need to Know About Your AC


Being able to turn the thermostat from 72 to 70 degrees is not the only thing you should know when it comes to your home's air conditioning. There are certain pieces of information, maintenance, and tips you should be aware of.

  1. Air Filters – The air filter in your HVAC system should be replaced every month or two, depending on the manufacturer's specifications. Using the same old filter can actually decrease the efficiency of your system. This will lead to more wear and tear on the unit as well as high monthly utility bills.
  2. Duct Leaks – If your ductwork is compromised with air leaks you could be losing up to 30 percent of the air that is cooled. This will cause your cooling system to work longer and harder to make up for the difference in its attempt to reach the thermostat's desired temperature. It's important to have your ductwork inspected and sealed each year.
  3. Insulation – The more insulation your home has, the more savings you will incur. You should insulate the walls, ceiling, and floors, but you should also remember to insulate the ductwork itself. Ductwork in crawl spaces and attics need to be protected from the harsh temperatures of the summer months so the air inside of them is not affected.
  4. Supporting Cast – Running your cooling system all the time will cause it to overwork itself and shorten its lifespan. By weatherstripping doors and windows, using blinds and curtains, and turning on ceiling fans you can keep the house cooler without having to run the AC. The less work it has to do, the more efficient it can be.
  5. Pre-Season Maintenance – Waiting until a mid-summer heat wave is not the right time to call an HVAC technician. By having your system serviced before the weather gets too warm you can avoid having it break down on you when you need it most. A professional can check all of the important pieces such as the motor, belt, filter, blowers, etc.

While you don't need to know everything there is about HVAC systems, there are some basic things you should always remember. Before summer begins, contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical to have your system serviced. To learn more, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (717) 207-9952.


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