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What to Do During a Summer Power Outage

Summer Power Outage

The summertime is filled with warm weather, outdoor activities, and lots of parties — but it's also a prime time for power outages. When it gets too hot out, everyone in the city will be running their air conditioners, staying inside, and using other electronics and appliances. So when all of this usage overloads the grid, a power outage will occur.

As Soon As It Happens
The second the power goes out there are a few things you should do. Start off by seeing if your neighbors have power or if it's just your own house experiencing problems. If it's your house, head to the breaker and call an electrician. When the whole neighborhood is out, call your local electrical supplier to see if they can come out and repair whatever is wrong, or find out if there's a major blackout. Proceed to unplug all major appliances and electronics to avoid any power surges that may take place when the power is restored.

Summer Specific Practices
The power can go out anytime throughout the year, but it's quite common during summer days when the temperatures are extremely high. Protect your home and yourself by following a few of these summer specific tips:

  • Avoid opening the refrigerator and freezer at all cost. As long as they are not opened, the cold air can remain trapped within for many hours.
  • Like all appliances, air conditioners should be unplugged when the power goes out to avoid damage from a possible power surge. Avoid plugging the air conditioner back in until a few minutes after the power comes back on. Surges can happen even after the power is restored.
  • Dress appropriately to avoid overheating now that there is no cool air in the house. Wear as few articles of clothing as possible, and the ones you do wear should be loose fitting.
  • If there is someone in your home with a medical condition or who is older, leave the house and stay elsewhere that does have electricity.

Summer power outages are common, and when once strikes you should know exactly what to do! To avoid being stuck in the heat, have a generator installed in your home by your friends at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (717) 207-9952.

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