How to Troubleshoot Your Central Air Conditioner

How to Troubleshoot Your Central Air Conditioner

Listen, not everyone is an HVAC technician and that's okay. But sometimes your system can break down and leave you stranded without a way to keep yourself cool. If your air conditioning unit is malfunctioning, try a few different troubleshoots before you call the professionals in.

Not Enough Cool Air
The A/C unit is working, but it's not doing a very good job at cooling down your home.

  • Start by turning the unit off and opening it up to access the air filter. Clean off the air filter of any dust and debris, or replace it if it's necessary.
  • Keep an eye out for any ice around the condenser or coils. If there is ice, turn the fan on and allow that to melt the ice.
  • Double check to see if the compressor is running while the system is on. Once the thermostat is set below the outdoor temperature, it should kick on. If the motor's fan isn't spinning, try to get it moving by pushing it in the clockwise direction. If the fan starts spinning, the capacitor needs to be replaced. If it remains stationary, then it's time to call the pros in.

Where is the Air?
There's no air coming from the vents, but you can hear the unit powered on and churning away. This usually means that there's a broken belt that needs to be replaced.

  1. Turn off the power and the gas valve if the air is handled through a gas furnace.
  2. Open up the air handler and look for the belt. If the belt is damaged or broken then look for the stamped model number and purchase a new one. It helps to keep an extra one on hand in case this ever happens again.
  3. Slip the new belt on the motor and then stretch it to fit onto the blower. Make sure that the belt is tight, but loose enough to allow for an inch of give on each side.
  4. To ensure that your system's belt and motor run smoothly, lubricate the bearings that cause these parts to move.

Having a central air system is the perfect way to cool your home in the summer, but you have to make sure it works properly first! When you need your HVAC system repaired, contact the experts at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (717) 207-9952.

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