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Understanding Your Shower's Control Valve

Bathroom Shower Valve

An everyday scenario includes you using your shower each morning or night, but have you stopped to think about how it works. Chances are you don't, until the day you decide to remodel your bathroom and update your fixtures. When it comes to showers, there are two main types of shower control valves.

Single-Control Valve
A single-control valve will have a single knob or lever that controls the flow of the water as well as the temperature. There are two water lines that connect to this valve, hot and cold. When you first turn the knob or lever, the cold water line will begin feeding a constant flow of cold water. As you keep turning, the hot water line will start to open up. The more you turn the knob or lever towards the hot side, the more the hot line will open and the cold line will close.

Multiple-Control Valve
A multiple-control valve is a more advanced system that consists of two or more levers. One lever controls the cold water line while the other controls the hot water line. Some multiple-control valves systems will have a third valve to control the water pressure, but these aren't as common. Being able to utilize the hot and cold water line separately will give the user more control of the overall temperature of the water coming out of the shower head.

Knowing the difference between shower control valves will help you during your new bathroom remodel. When you need a plumber to help install these fixtures, contact the plumbers at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (717) 207-9952.