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Month: February 2017


3 Reasons You Need Motion Sensor Lights

Does your home currently utilize motion sensor lighting? If not, then what are you waiting for? Installing LED motion sensor lights are not only inexpensive to install, but they offer multiple benefits inside and outside of the house. Look Ma, No Hands When you install motion sensor lights, light switches will become a thing of […]

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Common Signs You Need a Water Softener

Do you have a water softener in your home? For those who don't, you might be experiencing some problems that can be easily corrected with the installation of one. Here are a few common signs that your home definitely needs a water softener. Limescale Do all of your appliances and fixtures in your kitchen and […]

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Ways to Love Your Home This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day has finally arrived! Whether you spend the night out with your loved one or choose to spend a romantic night in, make sure you share some of that love with your home. Here are a few things you can inspect, service, and install during this lovely time […]

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5 Indoor Air Quality Killers

Did you know the average person spends almost 90 percent of their time indoors? With at least one-third of your day spent inside of your home, shouldn't the quality of your home's air be paid more attention to? If you're looking to help improve your home's indoor air quality, be sure to eliminate these five […]

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Proper Use of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Most bathrooms will have two switches; one for the lights and one for the exhaust fan. For those who don't flip this switch when they shower (or don't have one), they're actually hurting their home. On the other hand, for those that flip this switch every time they use the bathroom, they're also hurting their […]

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