Should You Leave the AC on For Your Pets?

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Should You Leave the AC on For Your Pets?

When you leave your house for the day, what temperature do you keep your thermostat on? For those with pets at home, this answer is crucial to their health and well-being. How high is too high? How low is too low? The right temperature matters when you’re a pet owner!

Why Pets Need Air Conditioning

While an abnormally hot house can be bad for pets, it’s not the heat itself that can hurt your pet. Humidity is the real culprit here! In order for pets to stay cool, they pant in order to swap out the warm air in their lungs for cooler air. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for them to pant when humidity mixes with the already hot air. As a result, heat exhaustion and difficulties with breathing can occur.

How Cool to Keep the House

Of course, you want to keep the house as cool as possible for pets during the summertime, but how cool? You have a responsibility to make sure your pet is safe as well as a responsibility to the environment (and your wallet). The magic number for your thermostat (during the summer months) should be 78 degrees. Your home will be cooled to a comfortable temperature without adding too much wear and tear to your cooling system or draining your wallet.

Cooling Tips for Your House & Pets

  • Keep your pets hydrated throughout the day by keeping fresh water out for them to drink.
  • Be more careful with dogs as they are not as able to control their level of activity, like that of their feline friends.
  • For older or sick pets, you might want to lower the thermostat an extra degree or two. Old and sick pets are more easily affected by heat-related conditions.
  • Have your cooling system inspected annually to ensure it’s working properly and efficiently.
  • Upgrade to a new, efficient cooling system when your current one nears the end of its useful life. Using an inefficient cooling system can put your pets (and wallet) at risk.

Your pets aren’t as picky when it comes to the thermostat temperature, but you do need to keep them cool. When your cooling system needs service, repair, or replacement, contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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