Home Maintenance Tasks to Perform This Fall

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Home Maintenance Tasks to Perform This Fall

Fall is upon us and you know what that means, right? If you guessed, "Drink
Pumpkin Spice Lattes," you're kind of right – but it's really
time to tackle your fall maintenance checklist! We know these tasks aren't
always the most fun, but do you know what is fun? Not having to pay for
costly repairs when winter does arrive!

Fall Maintenance[1]

Checklist for Fall Maintenance Tasks

  • Wind Up Garden Hoses – Walk to each one of your home's outdoor faucets, wind up each garden
    hose, and place them in the garage or shed. Leaving hoses attached to
    outdoor spigots can cause damage, as leftover water can freeze inside
    of them. Don't forget to winterize these faucets.
  • Winterize Sprinkler System – Failing to winterize your home's sprinkler system can cause the water
    within to freeze, expand, and ruin all of the piping below your property.
    Do you know how expensive that is to replace? To prevent that from happening
    – turn off the water leading to the system, shut off the automatic controller,
    open the valves, and shake out any leftover water in the above-ground
    sprinkler heads.
  • Seal the Envelope – You can have the best furnace available, but it will be hard to keep that
    warm air inside if your home's envelope is similar to swiss cheese!
    Inspect the windows and doors around your home and see if there are any
    drafty air leaks. If so, apply the appropriate caulk to seal your home.
  • Inspect the Furnace – The best time to have your furnace inspected and serviced is in the fall,
    especially early on. This will give you the greatest chance of not having
    your heating system breakdown in the middle of winter – imagine how miserably
    cold that would be! Schedule a furnace inspection as soon as you can so
    you can beat the rush of everyone else who is doing the exact same thing.

By addressing these critical pieces of fall maintenance now – your chances
of running into costly repairs when winter hits becomes extremely low.
To schedule heating maintenance or if you need a number to keep on hand
in case your pipes freeze this winter, contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating,
Cooling & Electrical. To learn more or to schedule an appointment,
give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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