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Keep Your Motion Sensor Lights on for Halloween

Are you prepared for Halloween? Candy? Check. Costume? Check. Motion sensor
light? No? Well, if you don't have one or yours isn't turned on,
you may want to think about installing one or setting yours up. This little
light of yours will make your haunting holiday that much better!

Halloween Trick Or Treaters[1]

Think of the Children

In the beginning of the night (aka the BEST part of the night), toddlers,
small children, and their parents will make their way to your front door.
The darkness of night will begin taking over and you want to provide these
little cuties with the proper lighting. A motion sensor light in the front
of your home will help small children arrive safely at your door – so
you can see the cuteness overload!

Safety For All

Trick or treaters have a knack for running from door to door in an attempt
to collect as much free candy as possible. Thanks to the cover of nightfall,
the likelihood of falling, tripping, and running into things (cars, decorations,
fences, etc.) significantly increase. With help from a motion sensor light,
there will be less of a chance of a child hurting themselves on your property
– lawsuits are the spookiest of all!

Prevent Vandalism

The last thing you want to be doing the morning after Halloween is cleaning
eggs and shaving cream off of your property. Luckily, most kids are afraid
of doing bad things with a spotlight directly on them. By having a motion-activated
light illuminating the front of your property, the chances of being vandalized
drastically decreases – those darn hooligans!

Don't let your property sit in the dark on Halloween night, you'll
want it to be lit up – trust us! For those interested in adding any outdoor
lighting, contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical.
To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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