This is What Happens When You Skip a Furnace Inspection

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This is What Happens When You Skip a Furnace Inspection

Now that the warm weather is slowly fading into a distant memory, it's
time you start preparing your home for the cool weather that lies ahead.
Start by having your furnace inspected sooner rather than later. If you
do choose to skip a furnace inspection before winter starts, you risk having:

Firnace Inspection[1]

Poor Indoor Air Quality

With each passing day in which your furnace is used, dust and debris will
collect on the furnace itself, as well as within the ductwork. All of
this dust can kick up and travel with the newly heated air, making it
easy to breathe in. Make sure your ducts are cleared every few years,
while the furnace itself is cleaned annually.

Inaccurate Temperatures

As the years go by, the calibration between your furnace and its thermostat
can begin to slip, leading to inaccurate temperatures and a lot of wasted
money on utility bills. The thermostat could be reading incorrect indoor
temperatures due to poor placement of the thermostat, a computer error,
or even because it needs to be reset. The thermostat should always be
inspected to ensure it's not kicking on the furnace when it doesn't
need to be.

A Total Breakdown

Skipping an inspection means you won't know when your furnace has a
faulty part. When one part of a furnace fails, it can easily cause the
entire furnace to stop producing warm air as it's intended to. Ideally,
you want to schedule a furnace inspection in the early fall in case there
are parts that need repair (or full replacement).

The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of winter with a
furnace that won't turn on. Remember to schedule a heating system
check with our No Breakdown Guarantee. To learn more or to schedule an
inspection, give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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