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Month: December 2017


Home Emergencies You Should Know How to Handle

There’s no better feeling than being a homeowner! And there’s no worse feeling than having to deal with a home emergency (and the repair bills that come with them). As a homeowner, you should be prepared to handle a select few emergencies to limit the amount of damage that comes with them. 1. A Burst […]

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Why Won’t My Furnace Light?

When Your Pilot Light Won’t Light On Your Gas Furnace If the heat in your home doesn’t seem to be working, pay a visit to your gas furnace to see what the problem could be. If you notice the pilot light isn’t lit (and has a problem staying lit), this is a problem that will […]

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How to Stay Clog-Free During the Holidays

No one wants to experience a plumbing nightmare. However, the worst time to have one occur is during the holidays. Unfortunately, a lot of people DO experience plumbing emergencies during this time due to an increase in usage of their plumbing system (you can thank your in-laws). Here’s how your home can stay clog-free this […]

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Warning: Do Not Make These Holiday Decorating Mistakes

Do you consider yourself an expert when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays? Even if you've been doing this year after year, there's a big chance you're making one of these mistakes. One of these mistakes can cost you money in repairs or seriously hurt you during the decorating process. Mistake #1: […]

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