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Should I Install a Low-Flow Shower Head?

Low Flow Shower Head

Does anyone actually like paying high monthly utility bills? If you're emptying your wallet each month on your bills, then it's time to find ways to lower these expenses. The first thing you can do is to lower your water bill by installing a low-flow shower head.

What is it?
The average shower head has a flow of roughly 3.8 gallons per minute. On the other hand, a low-flow shower head has a flow of roughly 2.5 gallons per minute - 52 percent less than what you'd normally be using! For example, a ten-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead would use 25 gallons of water, while a normal showerhead would use almost 40 gallons of water. Not only are you saving money on your water bill, but also your energy bill because your water heater will have to heat less water!

How Does it Work?
A common misconception with low-flow shower heads is that they have lower pressure since they're using less water. News Flash: This couldn’t be further from the truth! Even though this shower head does restrict water flow, the water pressure will resemble that of a normal (and wasteful) shower head. You'll have your choice between a stationary model and a handheld model with a flexible hose.

Which Do You Choose?
When deciding on whether to have a stationary or handheld model, keep in mind the two types to choose from:
Aerating – Air is mixed into the water stream to allow for strong water pressure. However, the mixed in air can cause your hot water to run out faster than a traditional shower head.
Non-aerating – There is no addition of air to the water stream, therefore, the water can stay hotter for longer. In order for the water pressure to stay strong, this type of shower head will pulse.

If you're looking for ways to lower your monthly utility bills, start by replacing your wasteful shower head with a low-flow option. When you need your plumbing serviced or a fixture installed, contact the pros at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (717) 207-9952.

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