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Why Tankless Water Heaters Are Your Best Option

Is your water heater at the age where it's time for a replacement?

If so, make the decision to move on from the large tank model you currently have in your home.

Instead, consider installing a tankless water heater - and for a a bunch of good reasons!


What Are Tankless Water Heaters?

A regular water heater will heat as many gallons of water as the tank size can handle so you always have that much hot water at your fingertips.

With tankless water heaters, you can experience hot water on demand without the need for a HUGE storage tank.

A normal tankless water heater will heat two to five gallons of hot water per minute. Both gas and electric models are available for tankless systems.

What Are the Advantages of Going Tankless?

  • Energy Savings – For smaller families who use 41 gallons of water or less per day, tankless water heaters can be up to 33 percent more efficient than a normal storage tank model. For larger families who use roughly 80 gallons of water per day, tankless water heaters can be up to 15 percent more efficient than a normal storage tank model. Higher efficiency equals higher savings when you open up your energy bill.

  • Longevity – A conventional storage tank water heater will last anywhere from eight to 15 years as long as they are properly maintained. On the other hand, tankless water heaters can last more than 20 years and have easily replaceable parts than can further extend its lifespan.

  • Additions – Many people believe that if they have a larger family that uses more hot water, tankless water heaters are not for them. Wrong! You have the option to install two or more tankless water heaters and connect them so they run together OR you can connect one per appliance.

When it comes time to replace your current water heater, keep one word in the back of your mind - tankless! Are you looking to repair or replace the water heater in your home?

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