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Common Ways People Waste Water

Are you conscious of how much water you use day in and day out?

There are a million and one ways you can waste water, but out of all of them — there are a few that stand at the top of being beyond wasteful.

wasting water is a common everyday habit that needs to be broken

Obnoxious Showers

First things first, stop taking excessively long showers every day! (Seriously, stop it.)

Showers should be an "in, wash, and out within five minutes" procedure. For every extra minute you stand in the shower, you'll end up wasting an extra five gallons of water.

However, no matter your showering habits, all households should make the switch to low-flow shower heads to cut water usage in half.

Rotten Morning Routines

Give your toothbrush a quick rinse, apply some toothpaste to it, and begin brushing.

While brushing your teeth, the water should remain off and should only be turned on for a few seconds at a time in order to rinse. Failing to do so can waste multiple gallons of water per person (twice per day).

For those who shave regularly, stop up the sink and fill it a quarter of the way. This will allow you to rinse your shaver without running the tap.

Disagreeable Household Chores

Dishwashers and washing machines make everyone’s lives easier. However, you can waste a TON of water if you don’t utilize them correctly.

Only filling each one up with half the amount of dishes or clothes will still use the same amount of water as a full load, so wait until you can wash a full load.

On the other hand, be sure not to overfill each one, as the contents within won’t be fully washed - forcing you to wash them again (wasting even more water).

Wasting water is a very easy thing to do, which is why you need to be conscious of common bad habits. Water can also be wasted thanks to leaky or broken plumbing pipes and fixtures.

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