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Thanksgiving Problems You Don’t Want to Run Into

Thanksgiving is a day for family, friends, and - FOOD! While everything seems merry on the surface, there are some potential problems you can easily run into that can derail your holiday celebration. To avoid having a miserable Thanksgiving this year (and for years to come), be aware of these problems and how to avoid them!


Do Not Jam Your Garbage Disposal With Food

Thanksgiving cleanup can be one of the messiest and most tedious chores you'll ever have to do, but it has to be done! For those who are going to place all of the leftover food scraps in the garbage disposal, prepare for an inevitable clog (and call to your local plumber). Avoid using the disposal at all today, as over-usage can easily happen - especially if multiple people are helping with the cleanup.

Keep Your Bathroom Stocked and Prepared

Before your relatives and friends arrive at your home, make sure you keep the bathroom stocked and prepared for war!

  • Have a Plunger Handy – This one goes without saying. The last thing you want is for a house guest to take care of business, clog the toilet, and prevent anyone else from using the toilet. Keeping a plunger handy will allow that clog to be cleared ASAP.
  • Have a Wastebasket on Deck – While you might not flush items down the toilet, your house guests might! Place a wastebasket next to the sink or toilet to deter guests from flushing anything down the toilet that doesn't belong. (Hint: Only toilet paper and human waste are allowed to be flushed.)

Keep the Thermostat in Check

Now that it's chilly out, you probably have your heating system on. For this day, keep the thermostat on a lower setting than you normally do. Between the oven/stove being on for multiple hours and an increased number of house guests, the house should warm up on its own. Some homes can even turn their heating system off for the day until everyone has left!

Don't let any of these preventable problems ruin your Thanksgiving - take action now and save your holiday! When your home's plumbing or heating system takes a nosedive and you need help immediately, contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (717) 207-9952.