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How Hard Water Can Affect You

Have you ever wondered what makes hard water, well, "hard?" When water passes through soil and rock, traces of minerals will dissolve in the water - calcium and magnesium being the two that cause water to become "hard." The higher the concentration of these minerals that exist, the harder (and worse off) the water becomes.

Hard Water Buildup[1]

How Hard Water Affects the House

  • Synthetic soap detergents can become less effective at cleaning because the active ingredients can become inactive due to high mineral levels.
  • When hard water combines with soap or detergent, a sticky soap scum can form.
  • Any sticky soap scum that is formed in the washing machine can get caught in clothes, causing them to become stiff and scratchy.
  • Whites can become discolored more easily.
  • Bright colored clothing will become dull and more "gray" looking.
  • Hard water can shorten the life of clothing by adding more wear and tear to them during the washing process.
  • Hard water and soap stains can run rampant throughout the house, covering all plumbing fixtures and surrounding surfaces.
  • Mineral buildup can also occur on these plumbing fixtures and surfaces. Buildup can affect the flow of water through fixtures and piping (shortening the lifespan of both).

How Hard Water Affects the Body

  • Any sticky soap scum created by the mixture of hard water and soap can remain on the skin if it’s not washed off properly.
  • This soap scum can prevent bacteria from being removed from the body.
  • Skin eventually needs to return to a state of being slightly acidic and oily post-shower. Hard water and soap scum can dry out skin, preventing this from happening. As a result, skin irritation can easily occur.
  • The mixture of soap scum and hard water can cause hair to become dull, rough, and knotty. Let’s just say you’ll be having bad hair days when you shower with hard water.

Having hard water in your home won’t hurt your health - but it can seriously hurt your home and affect the body in less than desirable ways. To avoid having hard water in your home, a water softener is the route you should take. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (717) 207-9952.