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Month: February 2018


Can You Flush Disposable Wipes?

If you’re looking for a way to overwhelm, destroy or impair your home’s plumbing system, flush products down the toilet that are deemed “flushable” or disposable. (*Sarcasm*) This includes many household products that are available in today’s markets — but this is especially true for disposable or “flushable” wipes. While these products are marketed as […]

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Is It Normal For the Lights to Flicker?

“Oh no! What was that?“ “Did the lights just flicker?“ “Is there someone else in the house?“ “Is a ghost trying to give me a sign?“ How many times have you said the above to yourself when the lights flicker and you’re home alone? Unless you believe in that type of thing — there are […]

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How to Reduce Pet Allergens in Your Home

Are you a pet owner? Are you or a loved one allergic to (or bothered by) the pets that live in your home? If you answered yes to both of these, don’t start panicking — you don’t have to get rid of your furry best friends! You just need to restrict where they go and […]

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Why Am I So Cold At Night?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night, move away from your warm spot, and realize that you’re absolutely freezing? You’re not alone! There’s many different reasons why you feel colder at night than you do during the day (or even when you’re realizing right after work). Once you know why you’re so […]

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Why is My Home So Dusty?

Picture This: It’s a Saturday morning. You slept in. Feeling well-rested, you head into the living room to relax and drink your morning cup of coffee. As you open the blinds to allow some rays of sunshine into your home, you notice it… Dust. The air in your home is filled with copious amounts of […]

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Why is There Fluoride in My Drinking Water?

You’ve heard about fluoride being in toothpaste and how it’s used at the dentist office — but did you know it’s also in your home’s water? Really? Yes! “But why is something that’s used in toothpaste also in my water? And how did it get there?” Lucky for you, we some answers for you! Homes […]

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