Can You Flush Disposable Wipes?

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Can You Flush Disposable Wipes?

If you’re looking for a way to overwhelm, destroy or impair your
home’s plumbing system, flush products down the toilet that are
deemed “flushable” or disposable. (*Sarcasm*)

This includes many household products that are available in today’s
markets — but this is especially true for disposable or “flushable” wipes.

While these products are marketed as being septic and sewage system safe,
they are known to clog toilets and the sewer line they’re attached to.


The Term “Flushable” is a Marketing Scheme

The advent of these “flushable” items has caused the public
to flush everything down the drain from wipes to disposable toilet wand pads.

The industry is so overwhelmed with these problems that they have coined
very insidious terms for clogs in sewers caused by flushing these products
— “fatbergs.”

Additionally, these clogs occur throughout the system. So when these wipes
are flushed, there’s a chance the clogs are located in areas that
aren’t the most accessible. Thus, increasing your cost to have them
removed from your sewer line.

How They Affect Sewer Systems

Often marketed as septic-safe, they require a longer period of time in
order to break down. Unlike traditional toilet paper, which is designed
to break down in commercial, public and private sewer systems.

This along with aging infrastructures has caused major blockages in sewer
systems across the country, including areas like Lancaster, Lititz, Ephrata,
York , etc. These blockages place sewage overflow everywhere from residential
basements to adjacent streams and watersheds.

Some municipalities have to make million dollar upgrades to their sewage
systems in order to properly handle this new type of waste.

How This Will Affect You

Homeowners have to employ plumbers to clear clog issues related to disposable
wipes. Oftentimes, they will need to have all or parts of the sewer system
affected by the flushable product repaired or replaced

Calling to clear pipes can become an expensive fix for a preventable problem.
Reputable licensed plumbers like ours at Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical do
not like to cost clients their hard earned money and time.

The use of disposable wipes may seem convenient, but we warn against flushing
these types of products. We plead with you — please stick to toilet paper!

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