Why Am I So Cold At Night?

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Why Am I So Cold At Night?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night, move away from your warm spot, and realize that you’re absolutely freezing?

You’re not alone!

There’s many different reasons why you feel colder at night than you do during the day (or even when you’re realizing right after work). Once you know why you’re so cold, you’ll be able to correct this without having to raise the temperature on your thermostat.

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Warm Air is Going Right Out the Window

Get out of bed and walk over to the nearest window in your room. Open the blinds or curtains (if you have either of them) and put your hand near the window. Do you feel a draft?

After many years of use, windows can develop drafts and air leaks, causing all of your expensive, warm air to leak outside. In order to put a stop to drafty windows, add the appropriate weatherstripping while also adding caulk to any cracks or gaps that exist within the frame.

(And if you didn’t have any curtains or drapes covering your windows, then what are you waiting for!?)

Your Bedding Isn’t Doing the Job

If you use the same sheets, pillow cases, blankets, etc. all year round — you’re doing it all wrong! Make sure you have at least two separate bedding sets for the cooler and warmer months.

  • Remove your cotton linen, or silk sheets in favor of some warm flannel ones.

  • Remove your lightweight comforter in exchange for a down-filled comforter.

  • Add another blanket (maybe fleece) between the sheets and comforter for additional warmth.

If you still find yourself cold, you should do some research and look into getting a heated blanket.

Your Heating System Needs Service or Repair

The answer could simply be that your HVAC system is not living up to par in terms of its heating abilities. If your system didn’t receive an annual service, a part that is currently malfunctioning won’t be discovered and will remain broken until a service is completed.

When your home starts to feel unreasonably cold, contact your local HVAC company to have them take a deeper look at the efficiency of your heating system.

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