What Are Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors?

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What Are Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors?

Think about how many times in a day you walk in and out of the rooms in your home, turning the lights on and off…

Blindly searching for the light switch can be a difficult thing when your hands are full — whether you’re carrying a sleeping child, bags of groceries, or a load of laundry.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could walk into a room and have the lights automatically turn on for you? Or have them turn off when the kids forget to hit the switch on the way out?

Well, now you can!


What is an Occupancy Sensor?

An occupancy sensor automatically turns the lights on when motion is detected in the room and will also automatically turn the lights off after a selected time of no motion.

This type of sensor is great for hallways, entryways, laundry rooms, closets, or any other room where the light switch might not be as accessible, or where we typically have our hands full.

Additionally, this type of sensor is also great for security. It turns the lights on for you when you come home at night and it could also scare off an intruder if someone gains access to your home during a break in.

What is a Vacancy Sensor?

A vacancy sensor is a little less automatic compared to its sister-switch. This sensor requires you to manually turn the lights on, but will automatically shut off after a set time of no motion.

While on paper the occupancy sensor sounds better due to its completely hands-free use — it’s not for everyone.

If you’re walking down a hallway or into a room where you want to enjoy the natural light or are just going to be there for a quick second, then you won’t need the lights to be on. So this sensor gives you more control of when you want the lights on — but still has your back in remembering to turn them off for you!

Personally, we recommend a nice mixture of both for homes — it all depends on your specific home and lifestyle! Because who doesn’t love remembering to do less things while simultaneously saving money in energy bills?

If you’re interested in learning more about these time and energy saving sensors, don’t be afraid to reach out! We’d be more than happy to talk about them over the phone or send an electrician out to you to show you why these sensors really are the best!

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