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HEPA Filters Will Help You Survive Allergy Season

Allergy season might be the worst time of the year for those who suffer from springtime allergies. Between all of the sneezing, runny noses, watery eyes, and general lethargy — these next couple of weeks will be a misery for many. There’s not much you can do when you’re outside (other than medication), but you […]

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Easy Ways to Make Your Home Green

When people think about saving the environment, the first things that come to mind are: recycle more and litter less. While we should all be doing both of these things, there’s so much more you can do to minimize your environmental footprint. The home you live in has multiple systems: plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling. […]

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Stop! Your Home is Making Your Asthma Worse

Living with asthma can be difficult at times. At any moment, something could trigger an asthma attack that could leave you struggling to breathe. There are many different asthma triggers — and some are worse for certain people than others. While you might think you’re safe, the unfortunate truth is that there are a serious […]

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Water Softening is the Secret to Less Cleaning

Is your bathroom filled with limescale and water stains? The reason all of this exists is because your home has hard water. But we want to let you in on a little secret — your home doesn’t have to have hard water! There’s a way to remove hard water from your home. And with less […]

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Should My Home Have Motion Sensor Lights?

When you think of motion sensor lights, you probably think of the lights that go on when you walk by the garage. Yes, that is one form of motion sensor lights. But there are so many other places you can install them. And best of all — there are so many more benefits than you […]

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Smelly Bathroom? It’s Not Always Because You Didn’t Spray…

Do you find that your bathroom has a constant sewer smell? We know that the bathroom might smell after eating dinner at the local taco place, but what we mean is — does it smell even when no one is using it? Foul odors coming from the bathroom aren’t always created in that moment, they […]

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