Should My Home Have Motion Sensor Lights?

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Should My Home Have Motion Sensor Lights?

When you think of motion sensor lights, you probably think of the lights that go on when you walk by the garage.

Yes, that is one form of motion sensor lights. But there are so many other places you can install them.

And best of all — there are so many more benefits than you even thought of!


Hands (and Memory) Free

Walking into rooms with motion sensor lights requires you to do absolutely nothing. You can choose models that turn the lights on for you as soon as you walk in, and turn the lights off when motion is no longer detected.

This choice is perfect for homes with smaller kids and for specific rooms — like entryways and hallways. And since motion sensors turn lights off for you after inactivity, you’ll never have to remember if you turned the lights off or not.

Scares Away The Bad Guys

Having motion sensor lights installed in your home can also act as a form of security. Imagine a burglar breaks into your home, and is then greeted by the lights automatically turning on. Chances are that person will get scared, thinking someone is coming into the room, and they’ll leave your home immediately.

You can install them outside of your home as well. Outside of the garage, on the back patio, by the back door, and anywhere else where there’s an entry point into your home.

Saves You Money

Whether you choose an occupancy (turns the lights on for you) or vacancy sensor, both sensors will turn your lights off for you after a period of no motion being detected. You will never have to worry about leaving the lights on again. And what does that mean?

These lights will save you money on your electricity bill!

We know not everyone is always this careless, but there’s always that chance of you leaving a room with the intention of coming back within the minute — and then someone or something distracts you or pulls you toward somewhere else. These motion sensors are like a miniature insurance policy!

With all of the smart home products installed in homes that can benefit homeowners, motion sensor lights are a simple addition that will leave light switches in the past.

If you’re looking to add occupancy and vacancy motion sensors to your home, give us a call and we’ll send one of our electricians right over!

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