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Why Water is Bad for Your Plumbing?

The title of this blog is saying that water is bad for your plumbing. Yes. This is true. Water is meant to pass through your plumbing pipes, but that doesn’t mean it won’t damage them. Before you think we’re crazy — we want to explain to you what we mean… Not All Water is the […]

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3 Plumbing Problems to Identify Before Buying a Home

Are you currently in the market for a new home? Or maybe a new home might be in your five-year plan? When buying a home (no matter if it’s the first or fifth time), there are a TON of things you need to research, look for, and remember when you get to the house-touring process. […]

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Spring Cleaning is the Best Way to Correct Air Quality Problems

When you draw back the curtains on a sunny day, do you see a wave of dust floating through the beams of sunlight? If so, your air quality is probably a lot worse than you thought. Your home’s air quality can take a big nosedive during the winter months due to a lack of fresh […]

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Your Dehumidifier Will Help You Survive Camel Crickets!

Yes, camel crickets are probably the most disgusting looking pest imaginable. Yes, they will leap at you if you get too close to them. And YES, the chance of having an infestation develop in your home is decently high! (Internally cries…) But there’s one main thing that can help prevent you from housing an infestation […]

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Why Checking Your AC is Your Most Important Maintenance Task

When the spring temperatures start to warm up and lean more toward summer weather, then you know it’s time to have your AC unit serviced. Why is this important? Well, for anyone that has had their AC unit breakdown in the middle of summer because of a faulty part that was overlooked — then you […]

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