Spring Cleaning is the Best Way to Correct Air Quality Problems

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Spring Cleaning is the Best Way to Correct Air Quality Problems

When you draw back the curtains on a sunny day, do you see a wave of dust floating through the beams of sunlight?

If so, your air quality is probably a lot worse than you thought.

Your home’s air quality can take a big nosedive during the winter months due to a lack of fresh air and ventilation, less cleaning, and an over-reliance on your heating system (for those with central heating and air ducts).

Luckily for you, doing a bit of spring cleaning can help restore a respectable level of air quality in your home — leaving you with air you can safely take a sigh of relief in!

spring cleaning is the secret to high air quality

Removing the Clutter

A big part of spring cleaning is throwing out, recycling, and donating a lot of the clutter that builds up in your home over the winter months. Not only is all of this stuff taking up space, but it gets in the way of your ability to clean effectively.

Go room by room and sort through everything. Create three piles — storage, recycling/donation, and garbage.

For any items you don’t want to throw away but you also don’t use, store them in a plastic storage bin and place it in the attic, basement, or closet.

Mold Removal

Mold is one of the worst things you can have in your home — especially when it comes to your home’s air quality. Even the smallest amount of mold can grow into a full-fledged problem that can be tough to remove.

This is why you need to add “mold inspection” to your list of spring chores.

For those with mold, it’s important to remove it as soon as possible. However, all homeowners should be actively trying to prevent more mold from growing!

You can do this by always using an exhaust fan when showering, using a dehumidifier if your home’s humidity level gets above 50 percent, and having leaks repaired as soon as they occur.

Duct Cleaning

Having central heating and cooling is a wonderful thing! It evenly heats and cools your home while being very energy efficient (as long as it’s properly maintained).

Unfortunately, dust can build up within the ductwork over time. This dust will form a layer within the ducts, as well as some of it being forced out of the air vents along with the heated or cooled air.

Every few years, it’s important to have the ductwork in your home professionally cleaned. This will reduce the amount of dust in your home (and the amount of dusting you have to do) while also increasing the air quality.

Make sure you add these spring cleaning tasks to your to-do list if you haven’t already.

If you’re in need of duct cleaning, a dehumidifier, HVAC service, or anything else — we can certainly help you out this spring!

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