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Why You NEED to Ditch Your Window AC Units

It’s that time of the year again when you have to turn your window AC unit on and hope that it doesn’t take hours to cool down your home. Fun… In actuality, window AC units are the most inefficient way to cool down your home during the summertime. Here’s why: Uneven Cooling Relying on window […]

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How to Prepare for the Best Summer EVER!

Summer is here… FINALLY! Let the carefree days of relaxation begin! But wait… Before you start preparing your plans for each of your weekends, make sure your home is also prepared. Giving your home some maintenance, as well as throwing in a few new additions, can help make this summer the BEST one yet! 1) […]

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Why is My Bathtub Leaking?

Have you ever noticed that there’s ALWAYS water in your bathtub? Or that there’s always water on the floor of your bathroom near the bathtub? Chances are there’s a leak in your bathtub or the plumbing that’s associated with it. In which case, you need to find the leak and have it eliminated! The Faucet […]

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How the Lighting in Your Home Could Be a Lot Better

Do you have trouble reading, seeing people’s faces from far away, or performing any task where your vision needs to be precise? Or maybe the lights in your home are too blinding and you need a way to soften the amount of light you have without removing too much of it? Don’t worry, getting the […]

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5 Tips for Watering Your Garden

Are you trying to have the best garden you’ve ever had this year? The secret to a perfect garden is… Having the perfect watering routine. 1) Follow a Schedule Each and every plant has its own unique watering schedule. That’s why you should place each plant in groupings that are alike within your garden so […]

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Why Home Automation Should Be a Part of Every Home

Your home is more than wood and brick — it’s a part of you. With the pace of life not showing any signs of slowing down, give yourself the confidence and peace of mind that Eaton’s Connected Home System can offer. Features & Benefits of Home Automation Never Forgetting Again Have you ever wondered if […]

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