How the Lighting in Your Home Could Be a Lot Better

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How the Lighting in Your Home Could Be a Lot Better

Do you have trouble reading, seeing people’s faces from far away, or performing any task where your vision needs to be precise?

Or maybe the lights in your home are too blinding and you need a way to soften the amount of light you have without removing too much of it?

Don’t worry, getting the perfect lighting isn’t as complicated as you think. We have all the answers right here for you!

lighting by the side of the bed

1) Add Multiple Layers of Lighting

Did you know there are multiple types of lighting you can (and should) have in a room?

  • Ambient – The main source of lighting for a room
    • Overhead lighting, recessed ceiling lights, chandeliers, floor or table lamps, etc.
  • Task – Helps a person perform a specific task
    • Walkway lighting, desk lamps, pendant lighting (over kitchen islands), the bat signal, etc.
  • Accent – Creates a focal point by highlighting something within a space
    • Spotlights, track lighting, directional lights, lights placed behind structures, etc.

Every room (and even your patio) should have multiple layers of lighting. Doing so will not only give your home a better visual aesthetic, but it will also add more functionality to your day-to-day life.

2) Add Dimmer Switches

Being able to turn lights On or Off is giving you limited control of your lighting. Take full control of your lighting by installing dimmer switches in place of traditional ones.

This will allow you to lower the amount of ambient lighting in a room to provide a warmer, cozier feel. Less lighting is perfect for watching movies, eating dinner, and general relaxation during the evenings. Full control of your lighting is now a turn (or swipe) away!

3) Add Lights For Your Eyes to Follow

Most homeowners will put an emphasis on the lighting IN their home, but will oftentimes forget about the lighting on the OUTSIDE of their home.

You can easily add curb appeal AND functionality to the exterior of your home by adding walkway lighting around your home.

If you’ve ever seen a home with walkway lighting during the nighttime, you know how amazing this looks! In addition to its beauty, walkway lighting is a form of task lighting that will guide your eyes and show you the way while you walk at night.

No more mis-stepping as you (or your guests) walk to and from your front door!

4) Add Security Lighting

Most homeowners have a motion sensor light attached to the front of the garage to help them see at night, as well as for security reasons. However, this isn’t the only place where a motion sensor light should be installed.

Any area of your home that hasan exterior door that leads directly into the house should have a motion sensor light installed above it. This can scare away burglars and even wild animals.

You can also add additional motion sensor lights above exterior garages, sheds, and any other area on your property where you’d want to be notified if there’s movement.

Upgrading light bulbs is worth it, but upgrading the actual fixtures is key.

When you’re sick of living in a poorly lit home, don’t get mad about it. Instead, give us a call and our electricians can install new fixtures, switches, and wiring. The only time you’ll ever have to lift a finger is when you dial our number!

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