Why Home Automation Should Be a Part of Every Home

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Why Home Automation Should Be a Part of Every Home

Your home is more than wood and brick — it’s a part of you.

With the pace of life not showing any signs of slowing down, give yourself the confidence and peace of mind that Eaton’s Connected Home System can offer.


Features & Benefits of Home Automation

Never Forgetting Again

Have you ever wondered if you left the lights on when you went on vacation?

Have you forgotten to turn the air down before leaving on a business trip?

With convenient remote access offered by Eaton’s Connected Home System, simply grab your mobile device, turn your lights off and change your thermostat setting while on the road (improving you energy savings).

Eaton’s Connected Home System goes well beyond energy savings. It can help you feel more secure. Use the vacation mode to have lights turn on randomly when you’re out of town, so your home has that “lived-in” look.

Complete Control When You Want It

Turn your lights on from your car when you arrive home at night. Eaton’s Connected Home System was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind.

With the press of ONE button, set the mood for entertaining or dining. And when it’s time for bed, press a button to turn off all the lights, lock the doors, and set your thermostat back a couple of degrees for a good night’s sleep.


Simple email and text alerts can be automatically sent to your mobile device to alert you of specific events that are out of the ordinary.

With the press of a button, you can also activate the panic mode to safely light an exit path, while flashing your exterior lights to notify neighbors of a disturbance or emergency.

Easily Integrated Into Your Home

Eaton’s Connected Lighting Controls also offer a uniquely sophisticated style and simply replace standard switches with no special wiring required. All of the communication takes place wirelessly and you still have full control of your lights right at the switch.

The system also works with motion sensors and can be integrated with other Z-wave devices. Such as Z-wave enabled security panels and door locks, to offer a full range of home security and monitoring capabilities.

Additional system interfaces include, easy to use controllers and intuitive smartphone apps, as well as voice control through Amazon Alexa. Remote access is set up directly to your home and NO monthly fees are required.

With all of its flexibility and style, start enjoying the peace of mind and convenience that an Eaton’s Connected Home System can offer.

And we’re happy to announce that Lancaster PHCE is a proud installer of the Eaton’s Connected Home System. If you think home automation is right for you and your family, give us a call and we can start bringing your home into the future!

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