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Month: September 2018


The Power Tool Safety Checklist Every New Homeowner Should Read

Being a homeowner means it’s up to you to take care of your home. There’s no landlord that’s going to do the work for you! While you can call your local plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, roofer, or handyman to come and fix the things in your home, there are small fixes you can take care […]

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3 Important (and Smart) Upgrades Your Home Needs This Fall

Fall is finally here and you know what that means, right!? It’s time to prepare your home for the impending cold weather — and also because you’re going to be spending a lot more time in your home due to that annoyingly cold weather! Naturally, you’re going to need to have your HVAC system serviced […]

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How to Drain a Toilet (So It Can Be Removed)

Does your toilet need to be replaced? Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or you’re just looking for an updated, water-efficient model, a new toilet is always a good thing! But before you can remove a toilet, it must first be drained. Step 1: Prepare the Bathroom Before you even touch the toilet, there are a […]

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How to Keep Your Basement Dry (and Protected From Flooding)

Homeowners with basements are blessed with an extra room in their home that they can transform into any type of room they desire. However, these homeowners are tasked with the difficult responsibility of keeping the basement dry (from moisture and flooding). In order to keep the water and moisture out of your basement, make sure […]

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How Can I Get Better at Fixing Things in My Home?

As a new homeowner, you’re going to notice how often things break and need fixing once the deed to the house is in your name. Now that you’re responsible for fixing everything, it’s important to know how to make some of the smaller repairs yourself (so you can save yourself a bit of cash here […]

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