What’s the Difference Between “On” and “Auto” on the Thermostat?

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What’s the Difference Between “On” and “Auto” on the Thermostat?

Working the thermostat is a pretty easy concept. Turn it on, set the degrees, and BAM — your home will begin to heat/cool to that desired temperature.

But wait… do you set the thermostat to the “On” or “Auto” setting…?

This question is one that’s always asked and we’re here to set the record straight!

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The Difference Between “On” and “Auto” on the Thermostat

If you’re looking to save money on your energy bills, you’re going to want to set your thermostat to the “Auto” setting. This will disperse air into your home up until the desired temperature on the thermostat has been reached. Once this happens, the system will shut off until the temperature begins to fluctuate once again.

When you keep the thermostat set to the “On” setting, the HVAC system will continue to run the fan even when the desired temperature has been met. This will cost you hundreds of hours of unnecessary fan time that you’ll be paying for.

Which Setting Will Help Reduce Humidity?

Many homeowners will switch their thermostat to the “On” setting to reduce the humidity in their home because than fan will constantly be running. However, this is a myth!

If you want to decrease the humidity level in your home, switch the thermostat to the “Auto” setting. The HVAC system being on will help reduce humidity levels, but on the “Auto” setting, the fan will turn off and allow condensation within the unit to drain. On the other hand, the “On’ setting will redistribute some of that condensation back into your home.

Switch to a Programmable Smart Thermostat

To kick up your energy savings even more, you may want to think about making the switch from a traditional thermostat to a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you’ll be able to create pre-set schedules for when your heating or cooling system turns on and off with the desired temperature.

Pre-set schedules will allow you to lower the thermostat in the winter (or raise it in the summer) while you’re at work, out of the house, or asleep. This can easily save you anywhere from 10 to 20 percent per month on your energy bills!

Knowing everything about your thermostat will allow your home to be the perfect temperature while still saving money.

If you’re in need of an HVAC service or would like to talk about upgrading your thermostat, know that our team here at Lancaster PHCE is here for you! All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll be ready to roll!

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