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Are Water Softeners Good for the Environment?

When the water coming out of your pipes contains high levels of calcium, limestone, and other minerals, one of your best options at getting rid of those particles is installing a water softener. However, if you’re trying to be a good friend to Mother Earth, you may wonder if water softeners are friends to the environment. Well, we’re happy to say, they can be!

Water Softeners Help Prevent Waste

As hard water runs through your pipes, over time, it can start to create a number of plumbing issues, two of those issues being clogs and pipe corrosion. If a buildup of hard water minerals forms in your pipes or inside the components of your appliances, such as your dishwasher or washing machine, you may end up having to replace those units or pipes entirely.

When a water softener works to keep your water free of harmful minerals, your pipes and appliances can be kept safe from buildups and last much longer — keeping them out of landfills.

Water Softeners Help Reduce Energy Consumption

When hard water runs through your home’s plumbing, it can cause your appliances to work harder since the water won’t be processed as easily with all those extra minerals. The harder your appliances work, the more energy they use.

When you have soft water, your appliances don’t have to use as much energy, taking a bit of strain off of Mother Nature.

Water Softeners Extend the Life of Clothes

Do you know how many articles of clothing get thrown out each year due to wear-and-tear? A lot. Since hard water doesn’t work as well with detergent, it leaves your clothes feeling itchy and uncomfortable — plus it wears down your fabric more quickly.

When you wash your clothes in soft water, you can extend their life and keep fewer pieces of clothing from heading straight to landfills.

If you are tired of having hard water stains on your glassware, or you want your skin to feel soft and supple again, Lancaster PHCE can install a durable water softener in your home. Contact our office today to schedule a service with one of our professionals.

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