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Common Insulation Myths You Should Ignore

When you’re looking to improve your home’s ability to maintain a certain temperature and lower your energy bills at the same time, one word should come to mind: insulation. Since it plays such an important role in your home’s efficiency and comfort, you should be careful not to listen to some of the common insulation myths that can affect how you use it.

You Only Need Insulation in Winter

Nope! While insulation definitely helps keep your home warm in winter by keeping warm air inside your home, it’s also very helpful to have in summer. That’s because insulation helps prevent air from flowing between your home’s interior and exterior.

So, yes, in winter, it keeps warm air in your home and cold air outside. Then in summer, it keeps cold air inside your home and warm air outside.

Insulation Only Needs to Be Installed Once

This one is very false. Insulation won’t efficiently last your entire lifetime and should be inspected every year or so to ensure it’s still up to its job. Your insulation will likely need to be replaced if it’s been affected by a fire, flood, pest infestation, or mold growth since it won’t be as efficient or could contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Only New Homes Need Insulation Installed

Many homeowners will assume that insulation was installed when the house was first constructed but that’s not always the case. Even if your home did have insulation installed when it was first built, if it’s been years or decades since then, you should install new insulation that will do a better job and be more efficient.

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