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Do Nightlights Waste Energy?

Think back to when you were a child and were trying to fall asleep in your room all by yourself. You were probably relieved when your parents plugged in a night light to save you from the dark and the monsters you thought were hiding under the bed.

The fact is that night lights are little comforts that can make a world of difference for your child. But when you’re the one paying the electricity bill, you may not be able to help but wonder “do night lights waste energy?”

Things to Consider

The Bulb You Use

This applies to your night lights just as much as it does with the other lights in your home. Since each kind of bulb uses a different amount of electricity (wattage), in order to reduce the amount of electricity you use, choose LED bulbs. The higher wattage a bulb has, the more energy the night light will use.

The Type of Night Light

The other factor that affects how much energy your night light uses is how often it’s on. You can usually pick between manual lights that need to be turned off or automatic lights that turn themselves after a certain level of light is in the room.

The longer the night light is on, the more energy it uses. If you leave them on all night, your night lights might end up wasting a bit of energy, so you might want to try and use automatic night lights.

Where to Place Night Lights

Besides your bedrooms, there are a few other places that could benefit from having a night light or two:

  • Your Kitchen

  • Your Bathrooms

  • Hallways

  • Your Bedroom Closets

The Bottom Line

If you choose good light bulbs and operate them properly, your night lights shouldn’t end up being that big of a factor on your electricity bill.

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