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Month: February 2019


How to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing

If you’re like most people, your pets are members of your family, so you do whatever you can to keep them happy and safe. That being the case, you probably take a few precautions to keep your pooch safe around your home systems — but you should also keep your systems safe from your pet. […]

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Where Should I Install Security Cameras?

As a parent, it’s no surprise that you’ll do whatever you can to make sure your home is safe and secure enough to protect your family. While you may already have deadbolts on your door and an alarm system, there’s another measure you can take in case others fail — security cameras. In order to […]

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The Benefits of Owning a LIFETIME Electric Water Heater

In our opinion, one of the most under-appreciated machines in your home is your hot water heater. With all that it does for you, we’re sure you don’t want anything happening to your unit, and that, in a perfect world, it will last you your entire lifetime. Well, looks like we’re in that perfect world […]

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Why are My Outlets Sparking?

When you plug an appliance or charger into an outlet, the last thing you want to see are sparks flying from the socket. A spark happening once in a blue moon is often not something you really need to worry about. However, if your outlets are shooting out sparks every time, there could be more […]

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Turning Your Bathroom into a Spa

When you’re looking to relax, you may be tempted to treat yourself to a little trip to your neighborhood spa. While we always support a little pampering, why spend that money on a temporary spa trip when you can use it to permanently transform your home bathroom into your own personal spa? Adjust Your Lighting […]

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Why is the Second Floor of My Home So Hot?

Have you ever felt decently comfortable hanging out on the first floor of your home, but the second you go upstairs, felt like you were in Satan’s living room because of how hot it was? Uneven heating and cooling is something that, unfortunately, many homeowners deal with — but that doesn’t make it okay. There […]

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